PAPA is excited to roll-out a new excavator geofencing program, specifically targeting “high risk” excavators. The program is open to both pipeline operators and one call centers nationwide.  

Program Benefits:

  • Strategically target high-risk excavators
  • Leverage a tested and proven campaign
  • Receive company-specific documentation
  • Leverage cost-savings of a collaborative program (graphic design, data analysis costs are shared)
  • Reach a smaller target than with an individual campaign
  • You do not have to be a current PAPA member to participate 

2024 Overview:

  • Open to one call centers and operators (do not have to be a current PAPA member)
  • Enroll high-risk counties (will target the top or a list of high-risk excavators
  • Ads strategically targeted at excavators using geofencing technology
  • Campaign will run in August 2024
  • Receive program documentation including delivery to specific excavators

Options and Cost: 

  • Option 1: Excavator List
    • Lists of previous “offenders” – excavators who have previously created line strikes or near misses along their system.
    • Program participants must enroll a list of 75 or similar excavators in the same geographic area will be identified
    • Cost: $800 per operator
  • Option 2: County
    • Enroll counties deemed to be a priority for reasons such as high excavation activity, high one call ticket requests or previous line strikes.
    • Vendor will identify and geofence up to 200 excavators in each enrolled county based upon the following company types: Telecommunications/Cable, Sewer, Road Work, Drainage/Irrigation, Water, Fencing
    • Cost: $1,550 per county
  • Enroll additional excavators at $7/excavator if enrolled in option 1 or 2
  • Company-Specific Documentation for $250 per operator

Sign-Up Deadline: May 1, 2024

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